Cellena® Flow Focusing® technology offers a unique capacity of drops, particles and capsules generation in a non aggressive way, getting controllable homogeneous sizes and diameters.

Flow Focusing® technology was discovered in 1994 by Professor Alfonso Gañán-Calvo’s research team, this technology can be used to design and produce microparticles of a chosen size, structure and composition. Is a microfluidic technology capable of monodispersed droplet formation and manipulation, based on the production of capillary microjets that are "targeted" towards an orifice.

Flow Focusing® is a pneumatic atomization technology in which the aerodynamic effect of two immiscible fluids allows to control the size of the exerted jet making it much smaller than any other pneumatic technology. Once the jet is produced, it breaks up into very equal and similar droplets. These droplets could be maintained as aerosols or get solidified yielding solid particles or capsules.